Books for Reluctant Readers

Books and boys…boys and books. At my house, they kind of go hand in hand. We have lots of both. Sure, the two-year-old bends, folds, and tastes books more than he sits quietly for a story. Books get dragged around our home in the same manner as a well-loved teddy bear. In general, though, getting the boys to read has not been a problem. “Yeah, yeah,” you might say, “you’re a librarian. Those kids are genetically predisposed to reading.” And maybe they are.  But that doesn’t mean that boys (who often get pegged as “reluctant readers”) and girls who don’t like to read can’t be persuaded to change their minds. While I’m not sure I completely buy in to the whole boys vs. girls theory of children’s books, there are definitely many interesting discussions to be had on the topic.

They’re talking about it in Britain: 10 Books to Help Boost Young Boys’ Reading, The Guardian. And authors are thinking about it a lot (There Are No Boy Books by Charles London, Huffington Post). And there are a few other wonderful resources out there for reluctant readers. If you’re feeling like your child could use a jump start, try something funny, factual, or fantastical. And definitely look at these websites. I’ll try to add more periodically:

John Scieszka Worldwide
Guys Read
Boys Read
Reading Rockets


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